Europe's largest pelican colony

Lake Roşca-Buhoiova, Strictly Protected Reserve in the Danube Delta since 1972, is home to Europe's largest white pelican colony.

This is the most important pelican colony in Europe, including 4,000 - 4,500 birds, a mixed colony. It is the place where thousands of common pelican pairs associates with tens and even hundreds of curly pelicans pairs and of big cormorants, in a landscape reminding of the Jurassic Park. Only specialists authorized are allowed in the colonies. There, the white pelican is 50% of the world's breeding population, and the Dalmatian pelican 5% of the world population. The much rarer Dalmatian pelican nests on plaur in the Sacalin Zatoane Strictly Protected Area.

This colony is in danger due to the construction of Bystroe canal by Ukraine. Following a decrease in ground-water layers, the pelicans' nesting will be affected by lack of fish and destruction of habitats.