Crina Popescu, the climber

At an age when most teenagers are preoccupied with shopping, boys and walking through clubs, Crina "Coco" Popescu from Râşnov, Braşov wants to climb the highest mountain peaks in the world.

At 6 years old climbed the Omu Peak (2507 m), at 10 was already in the Alps, climbing the Dente del Gigante (4014). Now she is 14 and she wants to become the youngest climber to complete the "Seven Summits" circuit, the name under which, since the 80s, is known the attempt to climb all the highest peaks on every continent, including the Everest. These days Coco is in the Himalayas, climbing the Cho Oyu Peak (8200 m), together with his father and a director who films her for National Geographic Channel.

She climbed Mont Blanc (4810 m) in the Alps, Kalapatar, Nepal (5545 m), and Alam Kooh, Iran (4850 m) and shot down several world records, including:

• 2007 – Ararat, Turkey (5165m) – age world record
• 2008 – Kazbek, Caucasus (5047m) – age world record
• 2008 – Damavand Peak (5671 m), Iran – age world record
• 2008 – Ojos del Salado, Chile (6893 m), highest active volcano – age world record
• 2009 – Aconcagua, Argentina (6963 m) - part of Seven Summits, age world record
• 2009 – Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5891 m) – part of Seven Summits
• 2009 – Elbrus (5921 m) – part of Seven Summits

The Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports awarded Crina with the title "Master of Sports".